Trekking in India – Popular trekking destinations of India

Trekking in India is always adventurous challenge for every traveler. Some view the Great Himalayas as mere mountains, while tourists view it as a challenge. From the complete development of humanity, the Himalayas were seen as a great mystery and a great adventure. It is the dream of all adventure lovers today to watch the heights of the Himalayas, with many adventure training centers open around the world. 

Many Hollywood movies have been made by the Himalayas, by what you can understand in terms of their grandeur and mystery. Trekking in India offers you countless opportunities to stay close to nature, and to experience the beauty of the country's diversity. 

Among India's most diverse landscapes are the majestic Himalayas. You can start hiking in the great North Plains beneath the Shivalik Mountains, and then hike to higher altitudes. Hiking trails are usually easy, and you will not gain much. 

As you climb higher, the paths will begin to be harder and more challenging. In time, many new routes and places became available and used for mountaineering. Nowadays, there are many popular trekking in India, which you can easily do with the help of such travel companies.

Read with us today in this special article about selected Himalayan adventurous trips in India, which you can plan anytime in this summer.

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Trekking in India – Popular trekking destination in India

  • Ladakh – Most popular Trekking in India

There is a track in the Zanskar district of Ladakh, which is very popular with tourists. After all, what is so special about this route that people from all over the world come here to travel? This route is actually a frozen river. The river's name is Janskar. In summer, where the river supplies a stream of cold water, in winter it is so cold that people use it for travel and other activities.


The rate at which the river overflows its banks during the winter months can be easily measured by the fact that people also travel through it. For this reason, it is also known as the 'Chadar Track' worldwide. It has been given this name because in winter, the Jamskar River is frozen like ice.

Let us know that this place will only be enjoyed by those who love trekking in India and fond of adventure. Here you will see snow-capped mountains and frozen river in the middle. This view is not inferior to any paradise. It is the only track in the world where all tracking takes place on the river. Perhaps that is why this track is considered dangerous and bold. It's not as easy as walking this route.

It is not easy to walk on ice, but on this route you have to walk on the snow all the way, free from any danger. The clear water from the bottom of the frozen ice sheet is heartwarming, but at the same time arouses strange fears.

  • Har Ki Doon Trek – Trekking in India

If you are looking for such an amazing trekking route where you can easily find the inaccessible hills of the Himalayas, then you can choose a Har Ki Doon trek to Uttarakhand. The trek is lined with beautiful valleys, glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and countless Himalayan flowers. Har Ki Doon is one of the special travel forms that even inexperienced travellers can complete. 

The trek is located on Mount Fateh some 1,600 feet [11600 m] above sea level. This fun tour starts from a small hallway to taluka. You can choose this route to have an exciting first hiking experience.

  • Roopkund Trek

 Roopkund is one of the best trekking in India. If you want to experience some mystery during a hike you can choose a trip to Roopkund located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Roopkund is known for its mysterious lake, which is believed to have been found old bodies floating in the lake for years. 

If the whole area is frozen, then these skeletal bodies are in good condition. The lake's mystery has also challenged science. Without a doubt, this mountainous region is known for walking. You will see beautiful valleys, flowers in the Himalayas and glaciers covered by Ham Mountains during the trek. You can plan your trip here to have a fun travel experience this summer.

  • Tarasar-Marasar Trek – popular trekking destination in India

 Kashmir is called the paradise of the earth, known for its beautiful valleys, rivers, and springs. The natural beauty of the area attracts the whole world. In addition to the natural beauty, Kashmir also attracts adventure lovers. 

There are so many ways to travel where you can plan this summer. The Tarasar-Marasar trek is a delightful trek to Kashmir, located at an altitude of 13,000 feet [13,000 m] above sea level. This route is very popular in the summer. Travelers seeking peace and adventure can make a plan here. This route starts from Srinagar ends at Sambal.

  • Kashmir Great Lakes 

Apart from the Tarasar-Marasar trek, the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is also considered the state's best trek route. The special thing about a trip to Kashmir is that you can enjoy the fascination and quiet nature here. 

And completing all these things is a trip to Kashmir Great Lake. This route from Srinagar ends at Narang. The trail is full of beautiful plains, river valleys and beautiful flowers. You can also plan your trip here in this summer.

  • Bagini Glacier Trek

In addition to the areas mentioned above you can choose the Bagini Glacier hiking trail. Located at an altitude of 14,800 meters, this trekking route is known for its fun and entertaining experience. The Bagini Glacier tour route is located in the Garhwal section of Uttarakhand. 

The most special thing about this trip is the natural beauty that you can enjoy all the way. You will also have the opportunity to see beautiful Himalayan flowers in river valleys. This summer you can choose this special travel route. The road from Haridwar ends at Joshimath. This is one of the popular treks in India

  • Flora and Fauna

Trekking in India promises you an unparalleled experience in nature, where you can observe the many species of plants and animals. At its lowest altitude, the Valley of Flowers is home to birch, firs, and maple forests, whose highlands are replaced by herbs, shrubs, and grasses. 

Animals such as brown bears, snow leopards, tahrs, musk deer, ghorals, red foxes, and black bears live in the mountains in abundance.

You can also enjoy birdwatching during your adventurous trek and see the many winged creatures. During your trek to Roopkund, you will pass through dense jungles of coniferous trees and oaks, as well as Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal, more sparse and steep slopes will greet you. There is a pasture on the way, called Ghota Lotani, where you will see hordes of horses.

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