Cheapest places to visit in India with IND Wonders

If you wish to travel in best places of India with minimum or low budget, just the read full article to grasp some beautiful places in India where you'll easily travel with low budget. If you're a student then you need to read all the places. List of all places are:

1. Pondicherry

The perfect place for an all girls trip, or perhaps a lone female traveler, doesn't ask for much in terms of expenses. It is most famous among girls. This French region of the East has all the ingredients you need for a good vacation- stunning views, amicable people, undisturbed beaches, tranquility, awesome food & wine, and also the pretty French infrastructure. The most effective thanks to experience actuality essence of this Union Territory is to remain at one of its wonderful Ashrams. Stay at its highly hospitable Auroville Ashram if you wish to cut down your accommodation expenses.

2. Darjeeling

If you would like some greenery areas then Darjeeling is one in all the best place to visit in India. Darjeeling makes for an superb getaway if you’re not willing to spend over some bucks on your trip. Enjoy this magnificent wonder with its snow laden mountain peaks and also the pristine views of the sunrise and sunset, gorge on some mouth-watering North Eastern delicacies and relish the lovely taste of the famous Darjeeling Tea…..all at a shoestring budget.

3. Agra

Agra is found in UP. It's one in all the foremost cheapest place to visit in India.  Where you'll be able to easily travel with less expenses. You'll use public vehicles for fewer expenses and also the price of food is additionally low. You'll be able to easily get rooms in Oyo, Trivago, etc. Agra is popular known for it's forts. One of the name is Taj Mahal.

4. Varansi

Varansi is additionally located in UP. From affordable guest houses to cheap boat rides, this spiritual holy place of India gives a lot away and demands little in return. Varanasi offers lots of options for sightseeing and a variety of food at incredibly low prices. The beautiful ghats, amazing temples, the colors of the town and a dip within the holy water to cleanse your soul, you'll experience all of those with almost empty pockets.

5. Amritsar

It is additionally called as golden city of India because of beautiful Golden Temple, which you'll see in this city. The city is a tremendous retreat for those searching for a de-stressing weekend. The best way to achieve that in Amritsar is to remain at the Harmandir Sahib gurdwara (Golden Temple), where you have got to pay a awfully touch for staying if you’re a guy, and nothing at all if you’re a women, while enjoying the free and utterly delicious ‘langar’ during your stay, but, with dignity! Cool, isn’t it? Immerse yourself during this city dripping patriotism & experience its rich history by paying a visit to places just like the Jalianwallah Bagh and the Wagah Border.

6. Gokarna

If you want to stay in hotels, guest houses, beach resorts, etc. that provide world-class modern facilities at very cheap price possible, Gokarna is that the place for you. It's perfect for those seeking peace, spirituality, & solitude, all among the goodness of Nature. One can spend days on end at this peaceful retreat, in its pristine, untouched beaches, and visiting  in beautiful temples.

7. Hampi

If you’re into ancient monuments, ruins, and old architecture, you need to definitely visit Hampi. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Hampi is thought for its ruins for many old palaces, royal structures, & temples, just like the Lotus Mahal, Lakshmi Narasimha temple and the Hazara Rama temple. It has cheapest cottages, lodges and hotels. You'll be able to take motorcycle or bicycle for rent with minimum charges.

8. Kasol

Kasol is well-known for tracking place. Wondering which are the cheapest places in India or money save places in India to travel? Whether you're a student or a working professional, Kasol could be a destination that may be easy on your pockets. Go relish delicious food and explore the picturesque community in Himachal Pradesh.

9. Jaipur

One of the most effective place to visit with minimum budget is Jaipur. Where the charges of public transport is comparatively low. Or there are many forts in jaipur which are almost near from one other like Hawa Mahal, City Palace or Jantar Mantar. You'll be able to enjoy the street food of jaipur. There are many budget-friendly options for staying in this city.

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